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I wear skirts. Everywhere, all the time. Usually it doesn’t get a second glance. But as soon as I start doing something active, the second glances start. And often the questions. “You do this in a skirt?”

“Doesn’t it get in the way?”

“Wow you’re brave, doing this in a skirt.”

My purpose here is to photographically prove that you can do anything in a skirt. Granted, sometimes you just need the right skirt. Like a stiff, ย straight, and heavy denim for hanging upside down. Or a skirt version of plus fours for horseback riding. But you can do it in a skirt.

Look, see, believe.


25 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. This is so cool!! I also do or have done many of those activities in skirts. I find actually that the aladdin pants are the best for yoga since normal skirts come up when I go upside down. And climbing up mountains isn’t the best when you have someone else behind you… but great photos!!

  2. This is impressive. My mom is a seamstress and has provided me with skirts for ice climbing, rock climbing, paragliding, hiking, skiing. All meant to be worn on their own without the need for pants underneath. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ohh wow!! Is there any way at all that you could possibly post those on a blog or something?? I’ve been looking for YEARS for ideas for skirts for those seemingly “skirt impossible” situations. If you could do something like that it would be a HUGE help!!

      1. Hi Kayla –
        I am going to add skirt details to blog posts as I put them up now. Are there any particular skirt-impossible situations you want addressed?

  3. Hello,

    I would like to know where you can buy the skirts from the photho’s from the 21 th of July, the, 11 th and 20th of august and the th 4th of september. I am a young man who uses to wear skirts and i am looking for such a skirt for out door activities like hiking and swimming.

    1. Hi Robert – that skirt is the Athleta Whatever Skort. It’s my all-round favorite activity skirt. There are plenty of others, though! Check out runningskirt.com and Royal Robbins for other athletic skirts.

  4. Hello,,

    My last posting has been disappeared. I would like to know where the skirts from the pictures from 4 september, 20 august and 11 august and 21 juli can be bought, I am looking for skirt which can be worm for outdoor activities like hiking and even swimming.


  5. I would like to know where you can get those denim skirts in some of the photos. I am also a young man who likes to wear skirts. I would like a nice skirt for some outdoor activities. And could you do a split in a skirt photo, cuz if you can do all of that, then you can do a split in a skirt.

    1. Hi Nick –

      That’s a toughie. I actually bought most of those skirts in specialty boutiques in Brooklyn, NY, on Avenue J near Coney Island Avenue.

      I can’t do a split in or out of a skirt, but I have a friend who can. I will do my best to get her to pose.

      1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing it. And I wanted to ask this question for a long time now, but I am a young man and I really like when ladies wear skirts, and I wanted to know… how does it feel wearing a skirt? And I thought that if you wore skirts everyday, then you can tell me how it feels to wear a skirt. Because I’m thinking when I’m all grown up and living on my own I will wear women’s skirts (only at home though) so can you please give me like a full explanation of what it’s like wearing a skirt. Please I really want to know.

  6. What kind os skirt is the one, worn at the picture from the 8 th of august? I am looking for a full lenght skirt for outdoor activities.


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