Run the NYC Marathon

The back of this runner’s t-shirt read “You’ve Just Been Passed By A Skirt.”

I think it was very benevolent of the runner to wear this verbiage, since I find that often — especially in mud runs — people say “Is that a skirt?!” when I pass them. A shirt like this one would help verify their observations.

NYC Marathon 1 you just got passed by a skirt NYC Marathon 2 you just got passed by a skirt


Stay Warm



This is my cool friend who is currently hanging out in Alaska, hiking on glaciers and sticking her head down abandoned mine shafts. She stays toasty during all this activity in a down skirt. Yep — they make ’em. Apparently they’re a Scandinavian and Alaskan specialty. I don’t know why they haven’t caught on yet. You know, for people who want to look good while staying warm.

Raphi in skirt


Brands to google: Mountain Hardware, PKHoop, Pak Skirt.


Mountain hardwear trekkin insulated long skirt

But honestly, who can obsess about skirts when there’s scenery like this in the background?

raphi in alaska