Climb a Tree

Up a tree without a pant
Up a tree without a pant

Here’s me and a skirted friend up a maple in Syracuse, NY.

In a skirt? 

Yep, in a skirt. Longer is better, in this case.

You can climb a tree in a skirt.


Recreational Kayaking

kayaking Columbia

I admit I was a bit nervous about this trip. Kayaking does not set you up to feel confident  in a skirt. But the bow was high and the danger imaginary.

Can you kayak the Columbia River in a skirt? Check!
Kayaking with a cargo ship



See that runner, just right of center? That’s me, jogging the Miami Half Marathon for Team Lifeline. Team Lifeline raises money to help terminally ill children and their families. It’s an Orthodox Jewish organization, and a good third of the runners are in skirts.

You can do a half-marathon (or even a whole one!) in a skirt.

And the $4,700 I raised? Did that in a skirt too.

Team Lifeline at the starting line.

Spartan Sprint

Spartan Sprint

Here I am completing my first Spartan Sprint in a skirt. People thought I was flexing massive Girl Power muscles, but what about the guys who did it in kilts? Face it: clothes are cooler without a crotch.

The only place where my skirt was a bit of a drag was while swimming the lake. Otherwise, it zipped through everything on the course. You can do it in a skirt!

This, by the way, is my favorite workout skirt – Athleta’s Whatever Skort.

barbzone 5

Olympic 100m Dash

Tahmina Sprints in a skirt.
Tahmina Kohistani sprints in a skirt.

Photo credit Getty Images.

My first post will honor Tahmina Kohistani, who ran the Olympics 100m women’s sprint for Afghanistan in a skirt. Granted, she trailed in last. But that wasn’t the skirt’s fault. Kudos to her for braving a patriarchal society and the rampant belief that skirts aren’t sporting material.

Tahmina's skirt
Tahmina’s skirt