Peak a Mountain

Summit a freezing cold Rocky Mountain in middle of the winter. (I think. I forgot what she told me this was, if she told me at all. At any rate, I feel cooler on this hot August night just looking at this photo.) IMG_1824


Climb, Ride, Shoot

This is progress: from animated movies like Oliver & Company and Pinocchio, where women don’t exist at all, we have moved on to Brave and Frozen, where men appear only as a love interest.

But what is most intriguing about these movies, which marry an ancient setting with a modern attitude, is that they clearly believe that you can do anything in a skirt. Here are Merida (Brave) and Anna (Frozen) rock climbing, riding horses and reindeer, rappelling, and shooting, all in very long skirts.


merida climbingMerida anna climbing

RIDING:anna ridingmerida riding


merida shooting


anna rapelling 2