Bungee Jumping

bungee jumpingThe skirt, taken to new heights for free fall.


Cross-Country Skiing

cc skiing 23Somehow, nobody dreams of pulling on a skirt to go skiing, but honestly, why not?

Cross-country can get pretty warm, and you’ll be glad for the ventilation. Plus you’ll look cuter.

You can ski cross-country in a skirt.

cross country skiing 2

Cycle in a Gibson Girl Dress

hysteria dress catcher 3

Here’s to Maggie Gyllenhaal, cycling through Hysteria (the movie) in full Gibson Girl skirts and petticoats. Her bike is equipped with a wheel cover to prevent her skirt from catching.

Maggie cycling in Hysteria

The bike share program sponsored by Citi in NYC has thoughtfully put guards over the tires so you can cycle them in a skirt without worry.

I did see women cycling to work in their pencil skirts when I was in Manhattan the other day. I’d have taken a photo, but they were cycling and I was driving (or attempting to), so they zipped past too quickly.

citi biking