Playboating / Whitewater Kayaking

playboatingHere’s me, right after a playboating trip down the Lehigh River with the PCC.

Let’s establish a few things about kayaking in a skirt: It makes no difference.

You’d think it would be obvious. Whatever you’re wearing from the waist down is hidden under your sprayskirt. But I get asked a lot:

“Are you wearing a skirt under your skirt?”



“So, how is it kayaking in a skirt?”

“Whattaya mean? Don’t you wear one?”


“That’s not cotton, is it?”

“Nope. It’s some lycra-polyester-spandex mix like all athletic wear.” [It’s my Whatever Skort. Yes, a skirt can be athletic wear.]


“Doesn’t the skirt get in your way during wet exits?”

“Wet exits? I don’t do wet exits.”

Kidding about that last one. My combat roll still fails in tough water, and I make the occasional wet exit. And I have never noticed my skirt during any of them. The heavier sprayskirt is on top anyway.

Now if you want to marvel at someone, try the guy who was paddleboarding the rapids in a kilt. I’m glad I passed him quickly.  There is just too much that can go wrong in that situation.

real men wear skirts