Kettlebell Figure 8s

This one happened by accident. I was late for a kettlebell class and didn’t have time to change. Turns out it didn’t matter. You can do all the moves in a skirt.

JT3ZmVPLzo85gvhd2RypT94tJdgWT45NZc9MHvCe76w,fUh5pNQqBON5U6Y6PoCjEpLYP_zBIMxfxMQEmNyLv1k l3SohhjyX-_jgSXRzUvi27RIV_TtYG4_ucaLc6aWaVk,e0LLtVNbJVQ6aqaxyYpGnWMhCuSKU_TaeSgDEczu_As Wl-2MpdIWRol7sME-DS-H9zfbe9RSDawnUutwDFNDu0,T3BdhrbKRtlOQWtlx_IdWbZk00xI8aulHYvjKTIrgjE226wN7XCQyCSp2Mib-346go0B1-qPpvdwRDl5eshwpU,R1OVR0Q8C5tIu3GhMVvF8MrWLMDsDJ3sMgdo71cBWKo


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